January 24, 2018

Top 10 Most Known XL Pitbulls

#01 Dark Dynasty K9’s The Hulk

The biggest pitbull in the world
Dog – The Hulk
Height – 29′
Weight – 170-180 pounds
Head Size – 29″
Stud Fee – $20,000
Owner – Marlon Grennan
Website – Dark Dynasty K9s
Facebook – Dark Dynasty K9s

This giant Pit needs no introduction. We will just refer to him as “The biggest Pit Bull in the world,” which is why he was chosen as the #1 most known XL Pit Bull.

#02 BGK’s The Rock

Pitbulls like the Hulk
Dog – The Rock
Height – Not available
Weight – 150 pounds
Head Size – 30″
Stud Fee – Closed to the public
Owner – Andre Smith
Website – Big Gemini Kennels
Facebook – Big Gemini Kennels

The Rock has been popular in the XXL Pit Bull and XXL Bully community for some time. The Rock is in numerous pedigrees of the most gigantic Pit Bulls.

#03 Probulls’ King Kong

Biggest XXL Pitbull
Dog – Kong
Height – Not available
Weight – 172 pounds
Head Size – 27.5″
Stud Fee – $15,000
Owner – Cullen Brewer
Website – Probulls XXL Pitbulls
Facebook – Not available

Kong is one of the most well known super producers, and has become an icon for huge Pitbulls in the XL community. Kong is also a fellow that can be seen in tons of Pit pedigrees.

#04 Royal Bloodline’s King Liger

XL Pit Bull
Dog – Liger
Height – Not available
Weight – 150 pounds
Head Size – 28.5″
Stud Fee – Closed to the public
Owner – Saul Cervantez
Website – Royal Blue Generation
Facebook – RBG Camp (Royal Blue Generation)

King Liger is one of the most unique looking and renowned huge bullies out there. Another big ass Pitbull that can be found in numerous Pit pedigrees.

#05 ULP’s The Unstoppable Juggernaut

XXL Bluenose Pitbull
Dog – Juggz
Height – 21″
Weight – 155 pounds
Head Size – 28.5″
Stud Fee – Not available
Owner – Andres Agapito
Website – Unstoppable Legion Pits
Facebook – Not available

The Juggernaut was selected as number 5 because he is very popular in the XL community and he is producing some of the biggest offspring seen.

#06 Probulls’ King Smasher

XXL Bully Pitbull
Dog – Smasher
Height – 24″
Weight – 165 pounds
Head Size – 28.5″
Stud Fee – $7,500
Owner – Cody Birdwell
Website – Hardcore Steel Pitbulls
Facebook – Hardcore Steel Pitbulls

This boy is a newcomer compared to the other massive dogs in this top 10. He is producing some massive male and female puppies, and is really impressing the Bully community.

#07 UKC’s Most Wanted Kimbo

XL big Head Pitbull
Dog – Kimbo
Height – X
Weight – X
Head Size – X
Stud Fee – X
Owner – Gustav Castro
Website – X
Facebook – X

If you like the look of this boy, he is one of those studs that consistently produces himself over and over and over. He is a well sought out stud for those who like Kimbo’s look.

#08 HPP’s Shockwave

Dog – Shockwave
Height – Not available
Weight – 155 pounds
Head Size – Not available
Stud Fee – $7,000
Owner – Tom Croxton
Website – High Power Pitbulls
Facebook – High Power Pitbulls

Shockwave is becoming more and more known in the community for producing some of the baddest and massive blues. Another giant that can be seen in numerous peds.

#09 Vietshark’s Redbear

Huge pitbull
Dog – Redbear
Height – 23″
Weight – 165 pounds
Head Size – 29″
Stud Fee – $2,000
Owner – Joshua Clark
Website – Not available
Facebook – Joshua Clark

What can we say about Red Bear that isn’t totally obvious in this photo? This boy is MASSIVE. He once resided outside of the US, but has made his way to the United States.

#10 Riverside County’s Bane

Massive XXL Pitbull Like the Hulk
Dog – Bane
Height – 21.5″
Weight – 146 pounds
Head Size – 27″
Stud Fee – $5,000
Owner – Ryan Aragon
Website – Riverside County Pitbulls
Facebook – Ryan Aragon

Bane is one of those giant blues that stops traffic every time. He is a big ‘ol boy and quoted to be the backbone of his kennel’s program. Total package.