January 24, 2018

Probulls’ King Smasher


Smasher is a pretty impressive heavy hitting XXL Pitbull. He is probably one of the largest blue Pits I have seen in my life.

Pedigree and Bloodlines of Smasher

Smasher’s pedigree consists of very heavy Gottiline (American Bully) dogs. He was produced by Probulls Kennels and has many massive productions under his belt. This giant Pit is a whopping 163 pounds and well over 20 inches tall at the shoulders. He is producing XL puppies that will reach well over his height and weight. This beast is blue and white, and most of his puppies are also blue and white, but he has produced a few blue fawn XXL puppies.

This boy is certainly comparable in size to The Hulk. He is only 10 pounds less than the biggest Pitbull in the world. He has puppies that are reaching the 100 pound mark at several months of age.No doubt they will bee competitors with Mr. Hulk in the future.

Want to see what dogs were used to create such a giant Pit Bull like this boy? View Smasher’s ancestors here on the Pit Bull pedigree database Pitpedia.