December 18, 2017

All About Dark Dynasty K9’s The Hulk

Biggest Pitbull in the world the Hulk Pitbull

The Hulk – The Biggest Pitbull in the World

There is a recent fascination with a dog. This fascination is over the sheer size and the gentleness that comes from such a massive, misunderstood breed of dog. His name? The Hulk. Hulk pitbull is a colossal, red, giant Beast. Hulk is owned, loved, and trained by DDK9 Kennels located in New Hampshire. This massive XXL Pitbull is part of a kennel whose program is based on protection/military training and service dog training. The Hulk comes from a long line of purebred XL Pit Bulls that were bred for work and performance. Hulk is now the most famous Pit Bull in the entire world. His name has went viral, and he is known in almost every household in the United States and around the world.

How Did The Hulk Pitbull Become The World’s Largest?

This huge Pitbull was produced by DDK9 Kennels. His bloodlines consist of Ellis and DDK9. Hulk’s family tree can be seen here on the Pitbull database Pitpedia. If you look through his family tree, you can get an idea of how big his XXL Pitbull ancestors are. However, none appear to be as huge as the man himself. He is a freak of nature, very much larger than his ancestors. The Hulk’s pitbull parents are no where near his size.

Photos of The Hulk

Huge Monster XXL Pitbulls

Thanks to the XXL Pit Bull Hulk, these big dogs are gaining more and more popularity. Many people have inquired on XXL puppies for sale from DDK9 Kennels. However with a price tag of $500,000 for the litter, many families are turning their eyes on other reputable and respected XL Pit Bull breeders.

Many families are becoming more aware of the XL Pitbull and XXL Pitbull communities out there with the introduction of The Hulk to the media. These huge dogs have existed for some time, and in fact, the giant dog breeders are responsible for creating dogs like The Hulk and his massive ancestors who are in his pedigree.

XXL Pitbull Bloodlines

XL Tri Pitbull
Bossy Kennels Adios
There are several renowned XL Pit bloodlines. Names like Ellis, XB, Ace, and Iron Cross are in thousands of XL pedigrees. But the more prevalent bloodlines in 2016 are BGK, Bossy, and RBG. These bloodlines are producing dogs in the 100-180 pound range. For those XL bloodlines, you will see more of the XXL bluenose Pitbulls. They are generally the same massive size of Hulk, however their colors differ. From those lines more blue Pitbulls, brindle Pit Bulls, and fawn Pitbulls are seen. Some of these XXL Bullies are producing Huge XL tricolored Pitbulls. That’s something rarely seen in XXL Pits. And in my opinion, a tri Pit Bull is absolutely unique and eye catching. The breeders producing these large dogs with unique colors are revamping the older bloodlines, and giving the veteran bloodlines even more notoriety in 2016.

How Much Does an XXL Pitbull Puppy Cost?

XXL Huge Bluenose Pitbull
BGK’s The Rock
While The Hulk’s puppies have a price tag that is out of reach, it is not uncommon to see higher prices on these dogs. Why? Because many of the XL Pitbull breeders who are producing these giant Pit Bulls have put sometimes 10-20 years of selective breeding into the XL puppies they are producing today. Their breeding programs (sometimes continued from another breeder’s program) consists of careful planning and choosing the largest puppies with the best temperaments from the litterand planning breedings as far as 2 years into the future with a sire or dam that has not even been born yet. The average price range for XXL puppies for sale is anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. Keep in mind, this price varies according to the size of the puppy, the parents, and pedigree, and if a family is purchasing a puppy that will remain intact or one that will be purchased under a contract to spay or neuter. Additionally, if a family pays for a first choice pup, the prices will generally be on the higher side of the range above. *Note: Purchasing a “first choice” or “first pick” means that the individual will be able to choose their puppy before anyone else has made a choice.